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I am working on a email client written in C# and as part of this I wanted to be able to have a folder system for storing emails. Does the POP3 protocol support a folder system?

If it does, which command is it?

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No, POP3 does not support a folder structure outside of Inbox, Sent, etc.

You can reference RFC 1939 for POP3.

If you need a folder structure and sycing you should use IMAP4 (RFC 3501).

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I use POP3 to retrieve mails in my cell phone and I can see the folders I have in the server of my mailbox. –  Koray Tugay Nov 23 '14 at 16:23

No. A short look at the specifications would have shown you. SMTP does not deal with folders, and POP3 is just a protocol to get an SMTP buffer from a server. Folder management came way later and uses other protocols.

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POP3 itself does not expose a folder system, but it was invented at a time when a folder was considered a mailbox. Therefore, some systems support a <username>#<mailbox> login. Afterlogic actually has a good explanation here:


Basically, on the few systems that support it, to get messages for another "folder" you relogin with a different folder name.

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