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I have a public facing website and need to create an "admin" site for managing the content of the website. I would like to create an "Area" for admin functionality and secure just the Admin area using forms authentication. Is this possible? If I put the necessary forms authentication bits in the root web.config file, will it interfere with the public facing pages? How do you isolate forms authentication to an area? Thanks.

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The way I go about it is to add an Authorize Atrribute to the the controllers or actions I need to be secure.

In the controller either:

[Authorize] --secures all actions in the controller
public class SomeController : DefaultController
     [Authorize] --secures only this action
     public ActionResult SomeAction(){


you can restrict access to specific users and also use a RoleProvider to only allow specific user roles to access the actions decorated with the attributes. Hopefully this can be helpful to you.

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