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I have two list of hashmaps goodList and badList of the type List<Map<Object, Object>>.

goodList = List (map (roll no =1, name =a, address = xxx,.....,...)(rollno =2, name =b, address =yyy,...,...))

badList = List (map (roll no =3, name =c, address = xxx,.....,...)(rollno =3, name =c, address =xxx,...,...))

goodList contains the list of all good records for students in the form of key value pairs badList contains records that are incomplete or do not conform to conditions in the form of key value pairs.

The order of list is important they need to be the same as they were entered

if the good List contains more than 1 record of a single student (for example records with same roll no) i want to remove it from the good list and move it to the bad list.

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have u tried override equals, hashcode methods –  Ravi Parekh May 20 '11 at 6:28

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This post can help you.

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