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I have been using the encryption/decryption as detailed here. Following is the scenario :

Retrieved the encrypted data from the server, with utf-8 encoded, xml content.

I am able to decrypt the data to NSData format using the decryption method(AES256 Decryption). But unable to convert the NSData hence obtained to NSString , by using NSUTF8/NSASCII encodings.

the string to decrypt ,key are as follows:

the encryted string: *Ti6IFA8agg8XdfYQ/bzpW9OkGM3q3bZMsHrT9lRsg27e8la+GqgE ZiBpVbpFDJ3f1qgaH+vpI0YjsJtvU6rL2YkUHD6rgg3IjyVMmdPtz5U9baPWHFG+/jlWpVULRTP4 PHckEQaQekYo9yjaGWKfWNADzpFUlS99TnWc/Xr/2loWUoatV6mmZDKkIg6sm5BRHaR3MEDoH8bn quA/RVWc4hc0H4XhMA0f8RsE+i9OhqbqHfkqLss114m9IUICeqBM16mH93VO7jmTTSfSm1YQFSHo 31Lqchmh/baMhaBfd+U1HEkv+Wfop/aaAlKK8Mc7kw+gZMzG+YKGMk7tkAIjepxNK0MD6jxFEtaj bxPUBSl0ewYXAIFRsS1up44w39MH9L2QrKM7RF1s2SZOvNOD4O1cFr22gGy3GQz+syEV/nn4hest 8koob8RKmUZTNrwkfa4xe8G7FMRYfM8fEpm6gy/hWEvwmNo/X2r3SNo7h5q1x19pBKtO1dBUW8Nf kV5G5EyBg6HQv9NBcROYKgjLhJ/VNn1SiH+wh2AcsxwG/dELqHfSBWF7c2jDM3ggBCJWf2P/BwKO eY+g+rHSzAtwtR2tZFZUDHpO/P6GvMw/D7OA7OvqmDWh2jOF4MlzFBCaG7FJAm8BJ2GTCK/V4VQh nloG2Wgtr4PLCRh8GXZnMCzrvxcR7l47/8Um7u9HcYVg7dUnfuil3r85niUAobN2fdDNrLcjJ8Eg tanDfPQhz+FBPzt1ygVaYo6Ko3Lq0juHL42vBr4GS2I2UO/wDd+PE6FUL5rXrCHUgL922tnebQuJ DNIaymNxZ9JLMb2SSSUu*


Note:Iam using ECB mode in the ccdecrypt for decryption.As this mode is used at the server side while encrypting data.

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Have you see this - Convert nsdata to nsstring

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i used the same approach to convert nsdata to nsstring but iam getting nil response –  Saikiran May 20 '11 at 6:25

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