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I have been used Ctrl+Shift+F to correct indentation but I heard there is another shortcut to do that: Ctrl+I

According a reference found in google, Ctrl+Shift+F is Reformat and Ctrl+I is Correct indentation.

Is there any difference between them? or between Reformat and Correct indentation?

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You can go to Help > Key Assist... to get a very short description of what shortcuts are. –  Gary Buyn May 20 '11 at 6:05

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If you press CTRL + I it will just format tabs/whitespaces in code and pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F format all code that is format tabs/whitespaces and also divide code lines in a way that it is visible without horizontal scroll.

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Ctrl + I works only if those tabs/whitespaces are at the beginning. It doesn't work if you have something like int i = _____5; ( _ = empty space ). Only Ctrl + Shift + F will convert this line to int i = 5;. –  helpYou Oct 26 '14 at 7:54

Ctrl+Shift+F formats the selected line(s) or the whole source code if you haven't selected any line(s) as per the formatter specified in your Eclipse, while Ctrl+I gives proper indent to the selected line(s) or the current line if you haven't selected any line(s).

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i think this is the correct answer because this is best used when you specify a formatter in eclipse. –  Louis Morda Oct 27 '14 at 4:39

Reformat affects the whole source code and may rebreak your lines, while Correct Indentation only affects the whitespace at the beginning of the lines.

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