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i am working on a simple demo.

  • The user can submit a form via jquery.post
  • The view get's refresht an loads new data via jquery.get from the backend *The user can select a date to load a different record via jquery.get from the backend.

The challenge
How to manage the data and rendering in the client? I would like to communicate via json only. That's why i need some kind of jquery datastore (create, read, update, delete) and a render/update method for my view. I saw a similar concept at ExtJS and I really would like to have something like that in jquery.

Looking for some best practices.


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Use backbone.js with jquery...Backbone is the best tool to establish a mock model (or database) in client side

A fairly good example can be found here: http://ryandotsmith.heroku.com/2010/10/a-backbone-js-demo-app-sinatra-backend.html

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Take a look at JavascriptMVC. They have a good demo http://javascriptmvc.com/docs.html#&who=getstarted

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