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Can you have a multicolumn listview control where one of the columns is a checkbox? Example code or links would be greatly appreciated.

I am using visual studio 2005

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Allan Anderson created a custom control to let you do this. You can find it here: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/list/aa_listview.aspx

Here's some example code for that control:

    GlacialList mylist = new GlacialList();

mylist.Columns.Add( "Column1", 100 ); // this can also be added 

         // through the design time support 

mylist.Columns.Add( "Column2", 100 ); 
mylist.Columns.Add( "Column3", 100 ); 
mylist.Columns.Add( "Column4", 100 ); 

GLItem item;

item = this.glacialList1.Items.Add( "Atlanta Braves" );
item.SubItems[1].Text = "8v";
item.SubItems[2].Text = "Live";
item.SubItems[2].BackColor = Color.Bisque;
item.SubItems[3].Text = "MLB.TV"; 

item = this.glacialList1.Items.Add( "Florida Marlins" );
item.SubItems[1].Text = "";
item.SubItems[2].Text = "Delayed";
item.SubItems[2].BackColor = Color.LightCoral;
item.SubItems[3].Text = "Audio";

item.SubItems[1].BackColor = Color.Aqua; // set the background 

      // of this particular subitem ONLY

item.UserObject = myownuserobjecttype; // set a private user object

item.Selected = true; // set this item to selected state

item.SubItems[1].Span = 2; // set this sub item to span 2 spaces

ArrayList selectedItems = mylist.SelectedItems; 
           // get list of selected items
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Better use grid view control, but if you want only one column with checkboxes and that column is the first one you can just write:

this.listView1.CheckBoxes = true;
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Upvoted, although i guess it doesn't have to be the first column; –  Luis Filipe May 7 '12 at 15:57

Maybe ListView.Checkboxes.

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Why dont you try for XPTable by Mathew Hall

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Add Checkbox column like below.

myListView.CheckBoxes = true;
myListView.Columns.Add(text, width, alignment);

Add ListViewItem s like below.

ListViewItem lstViewItem = new ListViewItem();

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You could use a grid view instead, as that gives you more fine control of column contents.

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do you have any examples of this? –  leora Sep 13 '08 at 22:45
Yeah, something like: myGridDataView.Columns.Add( new DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn()); –  Keith Sep 14 '08 at 20:08

You can set the the CheckBoxes property to true. In code this can be done like this:

listView1.CheckBoxes = true;
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You can try TreeViewAdv. It is open source and hosted on sourceforge.

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