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Let's say you want to upload an image to a folder called "upload" right inside the "public_html" folder on Linux server using a third party application (i.e flash). How would I validate the username and password entered by the user to one set in the .htpasswd file? the login form is made in the third party app and is successfully sent to the php server-side file. But I don't know how to tell my php to check the user/pass with the htpasswd file. I tried $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'] but it doesn't work.

Thanks for your anticipation.

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You can't do that unless the 3rd party application can pass on the password. Forget the htpasswd method if you want to do this.

Instead, flash usually can also upload some extra parameters, simply pass the user+pass or cookie as a parameter and validate said parameter.

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But I don't know how to tell my php to check the user/pass with the htpasswd file

Here's a routine I use to authenticate users against a htpasswd file:

 * A library that can parse and authenticate users from a file generated by Apache's htpasswd utility.
 * Note: The only encryption scheme supported is DES
 * @author jahufar
class Util_Auth_Parser_Htpasswd {

     * Authenticates a a user $username by password $password
     * @param string $userName
     * @param string $password
     * @param string $passwordFile The password file generated by htpasswd.
     * @return boolean TRUE if successful, FALSE if not

    public function authenticate($userName, $password, $passwordFile) {

        if(!file_exists($passwordFile) || !is_readable($passwordFile))
            throw new Exception('Password file not found: '.$passwordFile);

            if(!$fp) throw  new Exception("Unable to open password file $passwordFile for reading");

        while($line = fgets($fp)) {

            $line = preg_replace('`[\r\n]$`','',$line); //for each line in the file remove line ending

            list($user,$pass) = explode(':',$line);

            if($user == $userName){
                $salt = substr($pass,0,2); //the salt is the frst 2 characters for DES encryption
                $test_pw = crypt($password,$salt); //use the salt to encode the submitted password

                if($test_pw == $pass) return true; else return false;



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