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I've read through some article about iAd. It just making me a bit blur and I need someone help me to clarify it.

Currently I've build an app for company Abc. Abc always got some promotions, which Abc only want to show the user about the ongoing promotion when their User using their app. Mean is tat possible (legally) iAd banner which apply in Abc app show only Abc advertisement?

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Do you mean to make your ABC app show only ABC related ads? If so this would be extremely difficult to achieve. iAd only really allows you to select wether or not the ads should be relevant to people 17 years old and younger or not. There is only one more thing they give you control over as far as which ads are served to your banner, and this is the ability to add keywords to ignore and not show. This being said I suppose it is actually possible to display ABC ads if you were somehow able to know the keywords of every other advertisement to ignore them.

Just had a thought for a third option, make a UIWebView sized like an ad banner, dress it up to look like an iAd and set all the links within it to load the same app store links used in ABC's normal iAd banners. Hope this helps.

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