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I couldn't get the POST value in servlet page. my previous question related to this question.How to get the data from ajax request in servlet page?

I need dataRequestObject value in my servlet page.

 var dataRequestObject= {}; 
                dataRequestObject= {mark:Mark,subject:English,language:C language,author:john};

var dataRequestHeader= {}; 
                dataRequestHeader= {Username:uname,Password:pword,Domain:domain,WindowsUser:windowsuser};

            url:'http://localhost:8090/SampleServlet1/serv', //calling servlet      
            success:function(){ alert("Request Done");},
                alert(xhr.status + " :: " + xhr.statusText);

Thanks in advance.

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You shouldn't send it as JSON string, but just as JS object. Change

data: JSON.stringify(dataRequestObject),


data: dataRequestObject,

and access the values in the servlet the usual way by the keys as present in JS object

String mark = request.getParameter("mark");
String subject = request.getParameter("subject");
String language = request.getParameter("language");
String author = request.getParameter("author");
// ...

Note that your servlet needs to run in the same domain, otherwise you hit the Same Origin Policy. If it's actually running on the same domain, then I would not hardcode the domain in the JS code since it makes your code totally unportable. So replace

url: 'http://localhost:8090/SampleServlet1/serv'


url: '/SampleServlet1/serv'


url: 'serv'

as well.

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Can you try this solution:

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