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I have culture specific resource files in App_GlobalResources folder. Now I need to read value of the DisplayName attribute from this resource files. I am using:

[Display(Name = "MerchantName", ResourceType = typeof(Resource))]
public string Merchant { get; set; }

but I am getting the following error:

Cannot retrieve property 'Name' because localization failed. Type 'Resources.Resource' is not public or does not contain a public static string property with the name 'MerchantName'.

How do I solve this problem?

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The following link may give you some insight: DisplayName attribute from Resources?

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Check following:

1. Your resource file access modifier should be declared as PUBLIC
2. It contain a key - MerchantName

   [Display(ResourceType = typeof(Resource), Name = "MerchantName")]
   public string MerchantName{ get; set; }

for better understanding refer http://www.dotnetlibrary.com/Articles/GetArticles?articleId=20

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