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I'm working with Crystal reports. I have made many reports. And recently I was told, that null values should be printed as text ('no value') and not blank. I understand that I should create formula:

If isnull({some_field}) then 'no value' else {some_field}

and put this formula on report. But this will take many pointless hours. Are there any shorter way?

My enviroment: Crystal reports 2008 and Oracle db.


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Can you modify the query

SELECT decode(column_name, null,'No Value',column_name) from table1

Column_name would be your concerned column. (be aware of the datatype in case your applications say to be a NUMBER then this string would be a problem)

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Well, yes I have few fields with number datatype. I come to a solution using this query: select NVL(name1, 'No Value') as name1, NVL(code1, 'No Value') as code1 from table1 But I have to specify each field individualy, can't this be somehow applied to all fields in the table? – Juozas May 20 '11 at 11:43

I think the best way to do this thing from database end.

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