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I develop a project using .jar to reuse code.

So I have on .jar named TOOLS.jar, and I develop a simple application in file HelloWorld.java wich refer my package TOOLS from TOOLS.jar

I compile with this command line :

javac -g -d C:\MyApp -cp TOOLS.jar HelloWorld.java

It's successful, and when I want to execute my application I use this command (I'm in C:\MyApp folder) :

java -cp <path>\TOOLS.jar;. HelloWorld

It's successful, but my question is :

How do I execute my application when I have multiples external .jar ?

Do I Have to add each one in command with -cp option ?

Is there a way to generate only one binary file and execute it (as .exe with C programs) ?

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Concatenate each jar file argument to cp with:

; on windows
: on linux


java -cp <path>\TOOLS.jar;.;<path>\jar2.jar;<path>\jar3.jar HelloWorld

on newer jvms (6+, I think) you can also use the * to append all jars in a directory e.g.

java -cp .;<path>\*; HelloWorld

To go a step further and create a single packaged executable see this question.

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If u have multiple external jars, copy all the jars required to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_17\jre\lib\ext and run the command javac "yourfilename.java". It will compile with no error

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If you have many jar files in one folder and don't want to append them to classpath manually. You can you a .bat on windows or shell on linux.

cpappend.bat from tomcat

rem ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
rem Append to CLASSPATH
rem $Id: cpappend.bat 301115 2002-08-04 18:19:43Z patrickl $
rem ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

rem Process the first argument
if ""%1"" == """" goto end

rem Process the remaining arguments
if ""%1"" == """" goto doneSetArgs
goto setArgs

And another bat file which use "for" statement to append all the jar file to classpath

set CURRENT_DIR=%cd%
for %%i in (%CURRENT_DIR%\lib\*.jar) do call cpappend.bat %%i
start java -Duser.dir=%CURRENT_DIR%  -cp %CLASSPATH% a.b.c.MainApp
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