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if (!IsPostBack)
    var auth = new CanvasAuthorizer(fb);
    if (!auth.IsAuthorized())
        var url = auth.GetLoginUrl(new HttpRequestWrapper(Request));
        var content = CanvasUrlBuilder.GetCanvasRedirectHtml(url);
        Response.ContentType = "text/html";
   dynamic me = fb.Api("/me");
   if (fb != null)
        FacebookID = fb.Session.UserId;
        AccessToken = fb.Session.AccessToken;
   FacebookApp fbapp = new FacebookApp(AccessToken);
   dynamic videos = fbapp.Fql("SELECT vid, owner FROM video WHERE owner IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me())");    
   foreach (dynamic v in videos)
       // Can't return videos here

But there is no videos when I execute this fql.

But with this code above, I use another fql, such as:

dynamic fanpages = fbapp.Fql("SELECT page_id, name, pic_big, type, page_url FROM page WHERE page_id IN (SELECT page_id FROM page_fan WHERE uid=me() or uid in (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1=me()))");

foreach (dynamic fan in fanpages)
// Can return fan page in here

The problem I think is AccessToken. This AccessToken can't have permission when fql video table, but can have permission when fql fan pages.

Anybody please help me.

Thanks very much.

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With the new graph API, you access it via an URL instead of using fbapp.fql() calls. It is quite straightforward. Help this helps

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