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I want to get height ( or width.. doesnt really matter ) from element A and use that height to set css to element B

$('#element_B').css({ 'top','element_A_height' })

A little example here.. I know the javascript is not even close to something that works, I just tried to explain what i wanted to happen..

I have no idea how to achieve this.. any ideas?

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Here's an example of what you want to achieve:


<div id="BoxeeBox">Lorem ipsum dolor. #boxeeBox</div>
<div id="emptyBox1">#emptyBox1</div>
<div id="emptyBox2">#emptyBox2</div>


var BoxeeBox = $('#BoxeeBox'); /* cache the selector */

$('#emptyBox1').css({ width: BoxeeBox.width() });
$('#emptyBox2').css({ height: BoxeeBox.height() });


div { background: #b6d754; color: #ffffff; padding: 10px; margin: 5px; float: left; clear: both; border-radius:10px; }
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to get this to work I had to put quotes around width and height like so: .css({ 'width': BoxeeBox.width() }) – user1794295 Jan 30 '14 at 13:15

What you're after is this:


var elementAheight = $('#elementA').height();

however, if elementA has margins you may want to us this:


var elementAoutheight = $('#elementA').outerHeight();

Hope it helps!

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have u seen these functions and examples given below the functions, this might helps u

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$('#element_B').css("top", $("#element_a").css("top"));

But i suggest to cache it first, and reuse for other case

var topVal = $("#element_a").css("top");
 $('#element_B').css("top", topVal);
 $('#element_C').css("top", topVal);
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it should be something like

$("#elemA").height( $("#elemB").height() );
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