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I am looking into the simplest way to integrate Wikipedia into a node.js app. The requirements are to be able to search for entries and find entities in each entry.

Any known existing libs/methods for that?


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You should probably say what you want to do with it. Simply scraping and displaying the HTML from should be a simple matter. – mikl May 20 '11 at 12:22

There's a newly available open source parser for wiki text ( that might be useful to you if you roll your own solution. Of course that would require you downloading the wikipedia data dump, parsing, and storing entities in a db.

You could also look at dbpedia (, though that would require integrating the rdf stack into your app (either running a local rdf repository or communicating with the often flaky online version via sparql).

One easy approach is to use a search engine api and restrict to - e.g:

I've found that can work really well.

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Spider for scraping using jquery is fantastic:

Mikeal is the man

Presumably you'd be using this for a side (personal) project though. Not sure how kosher it is to run wild on wikipedia with a scraper.

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