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How to print the values in extra_context in the template

def getgeneric(request, page=0, paginate_by=20, **kwargs):
    page_size = 1
    return list_detail.object_list(
    extra_context={'my' : 1},
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Same as usual context object. In your case it will be accessible by my

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When i say {{my}} i get an empty value – Rajeev May 20 '11 at 11:48
By the sound of your comments to @srusskih's answer below, you're now happy that {{ my }} works? – AJP May 20 '13 at 10:33

{{ }}


I was wrong.

from django.conf.urls.defaults import *

from t1.models import T

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    (r'^$', 'django.views.generic.list_detail.object_list', {
        'queryset': T.objects.all(),
        'extra_context': {

with template: t1/templates/t1/t_list.html

{{ my }}
{{ }}


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I still gives an empty value.If anything that i am doing wrong please give me examples.. – Rajeev May 22 '11 at 18:25
I updated an answer. I agree with dimosaur – srusskih May 23 '11 at 5:50

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