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Is it possible to get the number of tweets with a certain hashtag? I have been looking in the twitter API but havent found anything, any help?


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You have basically two options to get tweets based on a hashtag (none of which will give you all tweets from the past): the search api (see here for usage) to get a limited amount of tweets from the past or the streaming api (using a filter to get current tweets as they happen).

The search api has a limit on the number of tweets it returns. Usually only a couple of days back and maxing out at around 2500 tweets. This very much depends on the hashtag.

The streaming api can be used to get all tweets of a hashtag (assuming that the hashtag is not so popular as to make you hit the streaming api bandwidth limit). -- But not from the past, only new tweets and only as long as you monitor the stream.

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A bit late for my answer, but I have found this API which may be of use to you:

And here is a small tutorial to get you started:

Unfortunately, it is not free but it offers a 30-day trial so you could try it out and see if it suits your needs.

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