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Where does an Android phone store the shutdown log? I know that the boot up log can be obtained by pulling out contents of kmsg or dmesg through ADB. But I'm not aware of how to retrieve the shutdown logs in Android. There's no /var folder( place where linux systems generally store their shutdown logs) in Android

Cheers, Pavan

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One work around I found for collecting shutdown logs in Android is to run adb pull /proc/kmsg C:\Logs.txt on the host PC and then switch off the device. You will get the logs till the USB communication between the host and the device snaps! I know this is only one case out of the numerous shutdown scenarios but I haven't found satisfactory answers for other cases!

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Look in some locations such as these:


(This list isn't strictly kernel logs, including framework and application logs too, which are also sometimes of interest)

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Thanks for the reply Chris! I checked for the locations on my phone. I couldn't find /proc/last_kmsg and /data/tombstones/. And an "ls" on /data/dontpanic returned nothing!! I had some luck in /data/system/dropbox/ as they contained files like SYSTEM_BOOT@915149630014.txt system_app_strictmode@915149633098.txt.gz They are having some APP level info. None of them had the info that we get from kmsg :( –  Pavan Manjunath May 24 '11 at 10:48
You don't have files like SYSTEM_LAST_KMSG@xxx.txt.gz in /data/system/dropbox? It may be that isn't a standard feature... unfortunately. –  Chris Stratton May 24 '11 at 14:33
No Chris! There aren't any such LAST_KMSG kind of files!! Anyways thanks a lot for your help! Do reply back if you find any other clues, I am still behind the shutdown logs in android!! –  Pavan Manjunath May 25 '11 at 11:29

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