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Can anybody tell me how to solve polynomial equation of n degrees in JavaScript? Also how can I find antilogs in JavaScript? Is there any function by which I can find the antilog of any number?

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eh? Why the change of heart. The now accepted answer is wrong... –  Neal Apr 19 '12 at 12:54
i posted one question nobody is giving me answer saying you have less accepted rate. i am very much frustrated with this community seems like this place is only for those who have brilliant skills in computer science not the person like me who are no-voice in this field –  Yashprit Apr 19 '12 at 16:36

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Math.pow(x,y);// x^y

Thats for polynomials


Thats for logs.

Math.pow(10,x); Thats for antilog

You have to come up with some function to solve antilog

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Since Math.log finds log with base e (Euler's Constant), the reverse can be found with Math.exp –  Jason Rice Apr 4 at 22:08

To find the antilog(x) you just raise your base (usually 10) to the power of x. In JavaScript:

Math.pow(10, x); // 10^x

If you have another base, just put it in place of 10 in the above code snippet.

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