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I'm testing my app at Galaxy Tab and Motorola XOOM emulator skins, and I can't understand, why the drawables are taken from the wrong folders. I have drawable-xhdpi folder, where I store big size pictures. However, Tab takes drawables from drawable-hdpi, and XOOM uses the drawable-mdpi folder. So, how do I manage my resources? Thanks in advance.

In addition, it feels like view sizes defined in sp are not ported properly. I have some views which need to be 80sp x 80sp, on phones with mdpi and hdpi screens they look right, but on tablets they look too small. Why can this be?

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In my case, the Xoom strangely uses sw600-xhdpi resources when I am providing sw600-hdpi resources. I'd think that because it's an mdpi device, it'd use hdpi since it's closer to its dpi. –  Gallal May 7 '13 at 16:14

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However, Tab takes drawables from drawable-hdpi, and XOOM uses the drawable-mdpi folder. So, how do I manage my resources?

There is no single "Galaxy Tab" device, so I have no idea which one you are referring to there. The XOOM is an -mdpi device. I would expect that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be -mdpi as well. However, in the end, device manufacturers will choose values that they feel deliver the best results for existing applications.

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I was talking about the P1000 model with 7" display. –  Egor May 20 '11 at 13:25
@Egor: Correct, that is -hdpi. android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/09/… –  CommonsWare May 20 '11 at 13:52

GalaxyTab 7" use "-large-hdpi"; XOOM 10.1" use "-xlarge-mdpi".

check this post for details: GalaxyTab, Motorola Xoom Screen Desity and Size

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I have test with multiple screen resolutions and find out Android use the following qualifier for different screen resolutions: 240x320: -ldpi 320x480: -mdpi 480x800: -hdpi GalaxyTab7.1 inches: -large GalaxyTab10.1 inches: -xlarge

Hope this information is useful for you.

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Galaxy tab (the old one, running Android 2.x) is indeed not xhdpi. I had success by using the "large" qualifier to identify tablets. Else you can always use an API qualifier such as v11 for Honeycomb only resources.

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Rather than using the dpi qualifiers you can use screen size qualifiers instead, theres info here on exactly what tags you can use when selecting which resources to use,


It's important to understand the difference between dpi and screen size, dpi tends to be high on phones, like a samsung galaxy s2, but on the big 10 inch tablets it tends to be low(which makes sense if you think about it, the phones squeeze more pixels into a smaller space).

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