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The code below should print ten results but instead it prints ten "test-ite". Why is it not showing the results it got from the database?

use Data::Dumper;
use POE;
use POE qw( Component::Pool::DBI );
    inline_states => {
        _start => sub {
            my ($kernel, $heap) = @_[KERNEL, HEAP];

            my $dbpool = POE::Component::Pool::DBI->new(
                connections => 10,
                dsn         => "DBI:Oracle:",
                username    => "Terry",
                password    => "Peller"

            # Outstanding queries keep the calling session alive.
                callback => "handle_result",
                query    => "select price from cost where description= ?",
                params   => ["Mayotte"],

                # userdata => "example"

            $heap->{dbpool} = $dbpool;

        handle_result => sub {
            my ($kernel, $heap, $results, $userdata) = @_[KERNEL, HEAP, ARG0, ARG1];

            # Will be an arrayref of hashrefs.
            for my $record (@$results) {
                print "test-ite \n";
                print $record->{Mayotte};

            my $dbpool = $heap->{dbpool};

            # Ask for a clean shutdown.
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It doesn't look like the returned rows would have a "Mayotte" column, probably you wanted to write print $record->{price} instead of print $record->{Mayotte}.

I suggest using the Data::Dumper school of debugging here -- to find out what was wrong you could have added a use Data::Dumper; warn Dumper($record); to the loop :)

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Thanx hobbs it worked – finidi May 20 '11 at 14:28

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