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I have problem with sending a object from my webservice.

I have created a diagram with a product Entity... then I generated the database... C# generates a few classes in a ...Designer.cs file.

In that file I have the class Product which with the following:

     [EdmEntityTypeAttribute(NamespaceName="WinkelModel", Name="Product")]
     public partial class Product : EntityObject

I created a webservice with the following method:

public Product[] GetProducts()
        using (WinkelModelContainer wmc = new WinkelModelContainer())
            var products = from p in wmc.Products select p;
            return products.ToArray();                

But when I start the WCF Test Client to test my webservice I get the following when I want to test this method:

This operation is not supported in the WCF Test Client because it uses type Product

Does anyone has a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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I solved it... This isn't possible in C#. I have to create a seperate class with the same information and send this class with my webservice.

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