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Does anyone know, why Spring roo don't create finder? I'm trying to create finder for example:

finder add --finderName findAmenitysByDescription

But Roo added only

finders = { "findAmenitysByDescription" }

into a class Amenity without creating .aj file

Does anyone have suggestions for this problem?

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Do you use Eclipse? Does *.aj file present in a file system? –  Constantiner May 20 '11 at 14:01

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Did you use the Roo command finder list to get the finder name you wanted to add?

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I know how to use Spring roo. The problem was that I customized the menu.jspx, but when you try to create new finder Spring Roo modified menu.jspx and other views with which is related finder. And becouse I customized it Roo can't modificate files and not create finder. If you want to create controller also has this problem. We need to create own views to prevent this problem and don't customize views which are generated from Roo.

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