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I have the following Code so the User can enter their domain before the program runs. The resulting textfile does not output the users..just the word Schema...

EDIT 1: Updated to include all code. I now can run it and it returns a text file that lists OU=_USERS OU=_GROUPS OU=_ETC ETC ETC

Sub PrintUserNames()
    'Declare Command
    Dim de As New DirectoryEntry()
    'Nameint Place to Write file
    Dim userFile As String = "C:\DomainUsers.txt"
    Dim fileExists As Boolean = File.Exists(userFile)

    'Use Input Box for domain entry
    Dim message, Title, defaultValue As String
    Dim myValue As Object
    message = "Enter your Domain Name"
    Title = "Domain Name Entry"
    defaultValue = "Enter Domain Name"
    myValue = InputBox(message, Title, defaultValue)
    'Get List of all users on Domain using WinNT
    'Replacement Command
    Dim ReplaceCommand1 As String = de.Path.Replace("***", myValue) = "WinNT://""***"""
    Using sw As New StreamWriter(File.Open(userFile, FileMode.OpenOrCreate))
        For Each d As DirectoryEntry In de.Children()
    End Using
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Edited to reflect AD information –  sealz May 20 '11 at 14:35

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You are replacing your placeholder *** before you (re)asign it.

Dim ReplaceCommand1 As String = de.Path.Replace("***", myValue)
de.Path = "WinNT://***"

Depending on where you create de you can simply remove the line containing de.Path = "WinNT://***"

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Now exports a text file with OU information? Edited to include all code (after modification) –  sealz May 20 '11 at 14:36
@harper What values/AD entries do you want to export? The OUs you list in your updated post are to usual top level AD entries. Your For Each loop iterates over those children but no entries at a deeper level. –  Filburt May 20 '11 at 22:40
Just looking to export user names, I just think I had to much going on. I went back to square one and did it in a simpler way. –  sealz May 21 '11 at 3:23
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Thanks for the tip Filburt. I just threw out the actually actually making a replacement command and just using it as shown below.

Dim de As New DirectoryEntry()
    Dim DomainName As Object
    'Use Input Box for domain entry if desired   
    Dim messageOK, messageCan, Title, defaultValue As String
    messageOK = "Enter Domain and Click OK
    Title = "Domain Name Entry"
    defaultValue = "Enter Domain Name"
    DomainName = InputBox(messageOK, Title, defaultValue)
    de.Path = "WinNT://***".Replace("***", DomainName)
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