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What is the powershell equivalent of 'less'?

I see 'more', but it lacks some of the features I rely on (e.g. searching through the file)

I seek a pager (equivalent of 'less') which allows searching (match or ignore case), multiple files at once, etc.

Some of our servers run windows 2008 and I lack admin privileges to install cygwin

I had heard windows 2008, MSFT got their act together and provided some easy-for-admins tools.


I should give some context:

  • I know little about power shell
  • New servers have 2008 on them
  • While I affection for many tools of yore, the dos prompt is not one of them
  • I was hoping that Powershell had the equivalent of grep,ls,less, xargs, et
  • I understood that powershell gave us those tools
  • I fired off my question quickly.


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It reads like you know you can do this:

gc logfile.log | more

(GC is an alais for Get-Content).

You may be able to do the filtering etc.. with this more information can be found by running these commands:

Get-Help Get-Content Get-Help

Get-Content -Examples

(Get-Help gc would work fine as well).

And the bits you may be interested in are limit\filter etc...

Get-Help gc -Parameter * | more

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Do not works with objects, things are not separated by objects – MUY Belgium Sep 9 '14 at 15:00
@MUYBelgium I don't follow your comment, the command is used to read large amount of text. what are you trying to do with an object? – Matt Sep 14 '14 at 16:56
This does not work for very large (big data) files. gc pulls it alll into memory. – Gabriel Fair Apr 13 '15 at 4:53

I just use the GOW version of less, works fine.

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I don't know of any direct analogue for less in powershell that you can implement easily. Your best bet is to get a windows implementation of less that is outside of cygwin, that way you can just drop in the binary somewhere accessible to your account.

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to get grep/vim/wget and other Linux like commands in powershell I suggest running.

iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring(‘’)


scoop install grep
scoop install perl
scoop install vim

and to get a list of all of them

scoop search
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another good extension is the powershell community extension set. – ChadJPetersen Feb 26 '15 at 18:12
Thanks for telling me about scoop. :) – ver Jun 22 at 12:47

I was hoping that Powershell had the equivalent of grep,ls,less, xargs, et

In the case you missed this question (top voted) you might enjoy this answer.

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In Windows 10 PowerShell + Cygwin I use:

gc .\myfile.log | less

Previously I was trying to use cygwin directly:

less .\myfile.log

but it shows binary file because of invalid charset setting between 32b-bit and 64-bit.

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