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I'm trying to create a zip file using perl's Archive::Zip module. I have a number of already created zip files where each one contains one single csv file. I want, if possible without extracting the files, to create ONE big zip file that will contain all the individual csv files. For example, I have: 2010-01.zip 2010-02.zip 2010-03.zip . . 2010-12.zip

And I want to create one 2010.zip that will contain 12 csv files (2010-01.csv, 2010-02.csv...2010-12.csv).

The code I have up to now is:

my $aggzip = Archive::Zip->new();

# get all zip files for this year
my @files = <$path*$year*.zip>; 

foreach my $file (@files) {
    my $zip = Archive::Zip->new($file); 
    my @members = $zip->members();

    my $filename = %{$members[0]}->{'fileName'};

    $aggzip->addFile( $level2Path.$filename, $filename);

if ( $aggzip->writeToFileNamed($year.".zip") != AZ_OK ) {
   die 'write error';

This does not work. Any ideas?

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No error messages displayed? $level2Path isn't define in your code here. Does it exist? Does it have a value? Add use strict; use warnings; Add debugging print statements to check that variables contain what you think they do. –  Raoul May 20 '11 at 14:51

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my $filename = $members[0]->fileName();
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Please consider editing with more info, ie - answer "why?" –  Ben Burns May 22 '11 at 3:24

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