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Hey I'm creating a calculator as an iphone app.

I have a UITextfield where the user enters his input EX: 3+4-48*23+43

and i have a UILabel that will display the result after pressing on "calculate button".


float result;
NSString *textFieldValue= self.myTextField.text;  
// i need a line of code to calculate the values in the string and convert it to     floatValue
result=[textFieldValue  floatValue];
[self.myLabel.text stringWithFormat:@"%f",result];
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So you're essentially asking how you can write a numeric expression parser? –  yan May 20 '11 at 15:48

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In case you are looking for ready made open source resources start here: http://apptree.net/parser.htm

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You will want to look into Reverse Polish Notation. Here is the first example I cam across in a google search for Objective-C.

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