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I have created a custom work item type in TFS2010 and I think I need to add it to the Requirements Group to make it show up in Testing Center (Work Items can be found, but my new type cannot even if I set the search filter to explicitly look for it). How do I do this?

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OK, I finally found something helpful on MSDN. You have to use witadmin

Open a VS2010 command prompt and get the categories like this:

C:\Users\Administrator\Documents>witadmin exportcategories /collection:http://win-gs9gmujits8:8080/tfs/defaultcollection /p:"My Project Name" /f:categories.xml

Then this MSDN article explains the syntax of the categories xml file. I added my custom work item type in like this:

<CATEGORY refname="Microsoft.RequirementCategory" name="Requirement Category">
  <DEFAULTWORKITEMTYPE name="User Story" />
  <WORKITEMTYPE name="My Custom Work Item Type" />

Then you reimport them using the witadmin tool again:

C:\Users\Administrator\Documents>witadmin importcategories /collection:http://win-gs9gmujits8:8080/tfs/defaultcollection /p:"My Project Name" /f:categories.xml

And now Testing Center is able to assign the new work item types as requirements.

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Rather than fiddling with XML, you can use the TFS PowerTools.

See here:

Tools > Process Editor > Work Item Types

enter image description here

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