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Can anyone help me find a suitable Open Source Image Gallery. My main problem seems to be that I am looking for something which can be Fully Integrated into our existing website rather than having to make our site look like the image gallery template.


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your tag includes CMS. Are you using a CMS currently? Do you need to display a gallery of photos, or provide a full-featured multi-user upload & download experience? –  horatio May 20 '11 at 17:25

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You should check out gallery:


I don't know if this is too 'templated' for your needs, but it's open source, and allows for custom module development, so changing the appearance shouldn't be too challenging.

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Thanks for the suggestion user470714, unfortunately I have looked at that and the advise I read from the 'Gallery' community is that full integration is not possible. Only has the ability to create a similar Theme to make it look the same. –  NickC May 20 '11 at 16:24

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