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I have submitted a new version of my application in order to include in-App-Purchase 3 month ago and it has been rejected. I have worked on it and now I'm trying to upload the new binary for validation.

Here are the steps I'm doing in iTunes Connect :

  • Select the button "Ready To Upload Binary"
  • Select the different options (about encryption stuff and "I will release...")

And When I try to save, I always get this error message (for the last 8 days): The following error(s) occurred: We're temporarily unable to save your changes. Please try again later.

So I can't upload the new binary and submit my new version :(

I didn't get any answer from iTunes Connect support yet...

I've tried from different browsers as I saw in forums but it still doesn't work.

Since the last update which was rejected, I have just added keywords, new screenshots and In-App-Purchase products in the metadata. Also my app is now universal (working for iPhone and iPad).

Did I miss something?

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Have a look at this.

in short: Lodsys has been threatening developers using in-app purchases about a patent they own and apple has licensed (but the license does not extend to developers), apple is investigating...

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After getting the "The following error(s) occurred: We're temporarily unable to save your changes. Please try again later." when trying to save changes to an application update about ten times in a row just now (retrying every 30 seconds or so), I clicked the "< My Apps" link to go back to my list of apps.

At that point, the iTunes Connect website popped up a dialog along the lines of "You'll lose your changes, do you wish to save?" I figured, sure, why not try it, and clicked the Save button on the popup -- and this time, the save worked!

No idea if that was a fluke or not, but it's something to try!

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