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For those who have used iBatis - what techniques or tools do you typically use to visualize the data mappings between declarative XML, database tables / procedures, and Java objects? I haven't found any references on the web or in the documentation, and was curious whether good solutions exist. Thanks in advance!

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If you want the generated query and its parameter mapping then you can use Logging. iBatis support Log4J logging you can use that.It shows executing sql and other like that way in the logging area

Preparing Statement:  /*your query to be prepared */
Executing Statement:  /*your prepared query with parameter mapping* (wiht ?,?,?)/
Parameters:           /*Parameters mapped with the same sequence as `Executing Statement`*/
Types:                /*java types of the mapped parameter(example java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String)*/
ResultSet:            /*ResultSet of the query (if any)*/
Result:               /*Rows of the ResultSet */

A documentation is in this link.
And a similar topic is in here

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