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Is it possible to comment out this line in the new app/assets/application.js file? If so, how?

//=require jquery_ujs

I mean, it's already commented out to avoid being misconstrued as CoffeeScript or JavaScript, but it's obviously serving a purpose still.

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Taken from the Sprockets 1.02 github (Sprockets 2 is what rails 3.1 uses to accomplish asset loading):

How Sprockets handles comments

Use single-line (//) comments in JavaScript source files for comments that don't need to appear in the resulting concatenated output.Use multiple-line (/* ... /) comments for comments that should appear in the resulting concatenated output, like copyright notices or descriptive headers. PDoc (/* ... **/) documentation comments will not be included in the resulting concatenation.

Comments beginning with //= are treated by Sprockets as directives. Sprockets currently understands two directives, require and provide.

What this means is that //= jquery_ujs is a directive. It instructs Sprockets to include the jquery_uls file when it compiles all the jquery files.

If you don't want that file included, just remove the equals sign and the directive becomes a comment.

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What I hate about this, is that it is really looking for a = inside a single line comment.

To disable use:

//= // require jquery_ujs
// require jquery_ujs

Will not work:

//!= require jquery_ujs
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Short and fast ...

//require jquery_ujs

... just remove the = sign.

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You can do something like this:

///* My Application Scripts
//= 'require jquery'
//= 'require jquery_ujs'
//= require_tree .
//= require_self

require lines with ('') will not be loaded.

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