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I am interested in implementing a Google map in my application - much like the Google map implementation on career 2.0 web site ( http://careers.stackoverflow.com/employer/candidate-search)

The feature I am looking for is how it shows aggregated view of the "count" of search result in a particular region. And as we drill down ( zoom in) to the region it shows more granular data.

I was looking at Google map fusion API which allows some interesting ways to plot information ( heat map , etc ) but I see that I will have to host my data on Google map fusion table server in that case. The data i want to show on map is proprietary data so hosting it outside is not an option.

I am using Flex google map contorl to show data in my application.

Thanks in advance for any help on this topic

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To make the data available via Fusion Tables you have to declare it public. Why not create a subset of the data, just, say a title and a link and the coords, push that to the fusion table, generate your map points with a popup that provides just the Title and a single link back to your own app. – Cups May 23 '11 at 8:13
Data to plot on the map is dynamic enough to make it difficult making it public. I wonder how it's implemented on career2.0 is is public data ? – dotnetcoder May 23 '11 at 23:00
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after some more googling i found "clustering" API , check this link. This looks similar to whats used on carrer 2.0 web site.


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I know that you can add easily add vector data to Google Maps, though I have absolutely no experience with the fusion tables API. It looks like their Fusion Styling/InfoWindow API also requires the use of their tables... are you sure you can't replicate the data on Fusion Tables and make it private?

If not, you'll probably have to brew your own visualizations/analytics.

On my last GIS project, we ended up using Geoserver with a PostGreSQL backend, and using OpenLayers instead of gmaps.

If you haven't started this project, I would look into familiarizing yourself with Geoserver and OpenLayers (google maps could still be used). With PostGres you can also (and should) install PostGIS extensions, so you can do queries like selecting the count of all points contained within a specific region (denoted by a vector layer). You can definitely use Google Maps with geoserver (geoserver is simply a WMS/WFS server -- Web Map Service / Web Feature Service).



PostGIS will allow you to issue queries directly on the spatial data in the database whereas WFS/WMS servers may have options for similar queries... the difference is that accessing the PostGIS database requires backend code, whereas querying a WMS/WFS server only requires an HTTP request (which can be done on the client -- front-end).

The visualization is another issue but is definitely also doable, but something you would have to investigate

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