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I have been developing some Slot games the last few months, which are developed in c# using flash as interface. For some of this games, flash did a great job, and performance was acceptable, but, as my graphic requirements increase, flash isn't responding as I would want. So now, I am evaluating the posibility of developing the new games, in XNA 4.0. I have take a look at two books, and I really liked what I saw.

OReilly Learning XNA 4.0

XNA4.0 Game Development by example

Although this books give me an idea of XNA development, they seem, to me, incomplete.

So I have a few questions that I would like to get answered, before I decide to look forward into XNA, or into other alternative!

My games are full 2d, resoultion 1280 x 1024, pc based. Hardware requirements are not a problem.

  • Is XNA a solid candidate for my game development needs?

  • What are good information resources (books, tutorials, blogs) where I can learn in deep XNA 4.0 2D oriented.

  • How though is XNA learning curve? (I have been programing full time, in c# the last two years)

  • Are there any other alternatives that can replace XNA, that are compatible with c#?

Also, any advice, tip, will be welcome.

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I would highly recommend visiting the Apps forum as they have a large catalogue of examples and the forum is very active too with participants from the XNA team.

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