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I'm trying to make a friendly URL through RewriteRule but it keeps ignoring # as part of the variable value.
The line on .htaccess is as simple as this

RewriteRule ^key/(.+)/$ index.php?key=$1  

and the requested URL is


but I'm only getting c as get variable and not c%23.

What exactly am I doing wrong?

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Finally after some digging, I managed to pull this off.

It just needs the B flag on RewriteRule to escape non-alphanumeric characters such as #

RewriteRule ^key/(.+)/$ index.php?key=$1 [B]
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By the time a request gets to modrewrite a # character will typically need to have already been converted to %23. However, the [B] option is the right option to use so that the %23 gets rewritten properly. –  John Sep 19 '13 at 5:22

%23 is a hash symbol (#), so it (and anything after it) doesn't actually get parsed by mod_rewrite. The actual URL therefore is http://www.foo.com/key/c, without any %23. Other dash-codes work fine, though.

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%23 is a hash mark (#). I'm guessing the browser is interpreting the hash as an anchor and not passing it on to the server. For instance, if you user http://www.foo.com/key/c%20/ you'll get "c[space]".

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but how can I bypass that interpretation and use %23 just like Stack Overflow does? (stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/c%23) –  GRaecuS May 21 '11 at 7:08

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