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What is the best way to handle the need to a user to download 2 files. I'm using *send_data* to send the file to the browser. How can I allow the user to get two dynamically generated files from one request, OR what is a better alternative to do this. A simple example of what I'm trying to do is:

  def data_out
    output = "foo foo foo "
    send_data(output,:type => "text/csv",:filename => "foo.txt")

    output2 = "bar bar bar"
    send_data(output2,:type => "text/csv",:filename => "bar.txt" )

When calling data_out, only bar.txt file is sent to the browser.

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I would zip them first using RubyZip, then present the zip file as a single download. Smaller download size, faster download.

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This may not be a friendly user experience for many people. – Larry K Feb 28 '12 at 21:20

Call each one from a hidden iframe.

You can add an iframe to the DOM with this file as its src.

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