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I haven't been able to find what these Xcode icons mean. Some you can deduce (cup icon is cocoa, person icon is your code) but other's are more mysterious.

Xcode Debugger Navigator Xcode Debugger Navigator Xcode Debugger Navigator


I was able to find the icon files under:


There's a total of 13 different icons and they are all clearly labeled. In the screenshot that I posted we have:

  • Person icon is User
  • Mug icon is AppKit (or UIKit)
  • Briefcase icon is Frameworks
  • Gear icon is System
  • Morse code icon is Foundation
  • Spider web looking icon is Web

Update 2:

A while back I wrote a blog post that's easier to read:

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Your images aren't loading for me. Can you move them to instead? – Dai May 20 '11 at 21:11
Done. Do they load now? – jlmendezbonini May 22 '11 at 21:46
They loaded fine for me the first time. – Joshua Nozzi May 23 '11 at 12:13

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The icon means, in general, assembly for which you don't have debugging symbols. Not your code (the person icon), not public, top-level Cocoa code (the mug), not Framework/library code (the suitcase) but plain old assembly.

I don't think this is documented anywhere (I haven't seen it) but it seems to hold true for all the tests I've done.

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Here's a quick screen shot of the folder mentioned. The names explain the meaning of each icon. This is from xcode 5 beta 2. enter image description here

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