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so i previously posted on how to display and access structure array content. The file consisted of states, capitals, and populations. Now im having trouble in created a newfile by organizing these states in alphabetical order. I did this by the sortrow function, and i tried pairing up the values of population and the capitals with the alphabetical states, but i cant seem to get it to be an array. I want it to be an array so i can write to a file. This is what i have so far

    file=textscan(fid,'%s %s %f','delimiter',',')



for k=1:n;

I hope im making myself clear :-/

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Use this to sort the cell array read in (no conversion needed), then write to file with this.

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With respect to your sorting issue, The function SORT will return as its second output a sort index which can be used to apply the same sort order to other arrays. For example, you could sort your arrays before you create your structure array:

[sortedStates,sortIndex] = sort(State);
regions = struct('State',sortedStates,...

Or you could apply your sorting after you create your structure array:

regions = struct('State',State,...
[~,sortIndex] = sort({regions.State});
regions = regions(sortIndex);

However, I'm not sure what you mean when you say "I want it to be an array so I can write to a file."

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