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Any idea what this line of javascript means? It causes error on Firefox 4:

var g=(/(\?|&)its.kit.debug.enabled=true(&|$)/).test(d.location.search)||

I haven't seen such a strange syntax, assigning a variable with / (\ ? | & ) ???

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what kind of error?? –  DrStrangeLove May 20 '11 at 21:18

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That's a regular expression:

var regex = /(\?|&)its.kit.debug.enabled=true(&|$)/;
var g = (regex).test(d.location.search) || (sessionStorage&&sessionStorage["its.kit.debug.enabled"]=="true");
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it's assigning a regex test of the string in d.location.search to the variable g. g would then be true if "its.kit.debug.enabled=true" was found.

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