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I have a finit.fsx file to be load at fsi.exe startup like:

#r xxxx
type xx = xxx
module Util = 
   let cd path = xxxx

After start fsi.exe, it is loaded as

namespace FSI_0002
  module Util = begin
    val cd : string -> unit

The problem is how can I use module util? I cannot open Util or use cd directly. To further puzzle me, if I put a namespace at the top line like namespace Test, In fsi.exe, it is loaded as

namespace FSI_0002.Test
  val cd : string -> unit

Where is the Module Util? I then have to open Test;; then Util.cd.

Is there a way to define module in the F# startup script and auto open the module? thanks.

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I believe you can explicitly specify that all code in the .fsx file is in some module (say, Main) and add the AutoOpen attribute to the module:

module Main

let foo = 10

When you then #load the file, the foo value should be visible at the top-level.

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module Util = 
   let cd path = ...
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this needs to be at top. If I have type definition above module Util, it does not seem work... –  matlabdbuser May 20 '11 at 21:48
@matlabdbuser - The difference is that if you use =, you're creating a module inside the (implicit) module added by F# (based on the file name). Without =, it overrides the default module name. –  Tomas Petricek May 20 '11 at 22:05

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