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As the documentation for crontab explains, if MAILTO is not set then output goes to the owner of the cron, if MAILTO is set and not empty, it says where mail should go, and if it is set and empty, no mail is set.

Is there any way to unset environment variables like MAILTO in cron after it has already been set to something? I already tried the obvious unset MAILTO and MAILTO= but crontab -e does not accept those.

I have a workaround (make sure that everything that I want default mailing behavior comes before the original). However I'm writing a script to write cron jobs, and it would be nice to be able to set/unset MAILTO without having to reorder commands.

If it matters, this will be running on a Linux system under Vixie cron.

Edit: Clarification. I want jobs to either get mailed to the owner or to a user named in a MAILTO. I don't want the behavior that MAILTO='' causes where jobs get mailed to nobody at all.

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Do not believe there is anyway to unset it: you might want to just pipe the output of the commands you don't want emailed into /dev/null.

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