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I am writing a program in scheme which eventually outputs to a specified file and outputs both strings and lists. I am using the (display ) command, but when I display a string it shows with quotations around it. EX: "The sets"(a (b (c d)))"and"(((d c) b) a)"are equal." Is it possible to write to file without the quotations? Thanks in advance

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Could you show us your code? display should not add quotation marks around strings. –  sepp2k May 20 '11 at 22:17

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As sepp2k comments, display definitely does what you want. I'm guessing that you're actually using something else. Be that as it may, I would probably just use "printf" for this. E.G.:

#lang racket

(define a '(a (b (c d))))
(define b '(((d c) b) a))

(printf "The items ~a and ~a are (not actually) equal."
        a b)

... producing output:

The items (a (b (c d))) and (((d c) b) a) are (not actually) equal.
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thanks for the help, I was actually using write, silly me. –  james May 20 '11 at 22:55

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