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I have a some tab panels on my html page, and each tab has an href telling the tab like this:

<li class="list"><a href="#tab6">FAQs / Ajuda</a></li>

but I would like to open that #tab6 from another page and make my active tab onload.

Can someone give me a little piece of jquery sample to accomplish this this?

I thought about the href from the another page call something like:

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It is the url hash. You can get the value like, no jQuery needed:

var hash = window.location.hash;
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Give this a shot:

<li class="list"><a id="tab6" href="#tab6">FAQs / Ajuda</a></li>

$(function() {
    var hash = window.location.hash || '#tab1';

    // your code setting up your tabs


Add IDs to the tabs that match the hashes, and add the $(hash).click(); after you've set up the .click() handlers for your tabs.

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  //use location.hash and do whatever you need to activate the tab here
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I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to do, but it sounds like you need to use location.hash.

maybe on page load you can call something like

if(location.hash == "#tab6"){
//put the code to set your tabs here
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