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I'm using MAMP and have configured PHPUnit + Selenium successfully.

I have two unit tests -- one of them works and indicates no errors, the other just returns back to a blank Terminal prompt (no success/failure indication).



class DbTest extends CTestCase
    public function testConnection()
        $this->assertNotEquals(NULL, Yii::app()->db);

Not Working:


class ProjectTest extends CDbTestCase
    public function testCRUD()
        //Create a new project
        $newProject= new Project;
        $newProjectName = 'Test Project 1';
                'name' => $newProjectName,
                'description' => 'Test project numero uno',
                'create_time' => '2011-05-20 00:00:00',
                'create_user_id' => 1,
                'update_time' => '2011-05-20 00:00:00',
                'update_user_id' => 1,

        //Read a project

        $retrievedProject = Project::model()->findByPk($newProject->id);
        $this->assertTrue($retrievedProject instanceof Project);
        $this->assertEquals($newProjectName, $retrievedProject->name);

If I run phpunit unit/Dbtest.php, I get:

PHPUnit 3.5.13 by Sebastian Bergmann.


Time: 0 seconds, Memory: 4.50Mb

But, if I run phpunit unit/ProjectTest.php, I get a blank prompt:

Trenton-Scotts-MacBook-Air:tests TTS$

Using MySQL, DB connection works (I successfully modeled a table using Gii in the Yii framework). Any idea on what could be causing this?

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You have an unmatched } after the $this->assertEquals($newProjectName, $retrievedProject->name); line.

Delete the unmatched }

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I just caught that too. That was it! Thanks. – Trent Scott May 21 '11 at 0:19

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