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I'm facing a problem that I probably can't solve on my own, I'm working on a solution now for 2 days and browsed a lot in other Forums etc. - but it seems like that I just don't get it.

My problem

I have a Storyboard called "getVisible" in my UserControl "MainPage" that I want to access in another class called "test.cs"

However, as the Storyboard is defined in the MainPage.xaml and only the App Resources are accessible, do I face the problem that I can't load Storyboards from another class.

Any ideas how to solve that?

~regards Matt

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One option to get the storyboard from test.cs is to create an instance of MainPage.

(new MainPage()).Resources["getVisible"];

Alternatively though, you may wish to consider creating the resources in a separate resource dictionary and then referencing that shared resource dictionary from both loactions.

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Thanks for your response ! The written example of yours is one option I also thought about, but its more like that you're creating an instance of something that already exists. Also strangely nothing happens when I'm starting the Storyboard from another class with Storyboard b = (Storyboard)(new MainPage()).Resources["getVisible"]; b.Begin(); – Matt May 21 '11 at 0:52
What I forgot to mention is, when I'm placing the Storyboards into a shared source dictionary refuses Expression Blend to show the Storyboards in the StoryBoard List. – Matt May 21 '11 at 0:54

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