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Basically, I have a ViewFlipper that flips when I swipe my finger on it. This is the code I have in my Activity:

public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent touchevent) {
    switch (touchevent.getAction()) {
    case MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN: {
        oldTouchValue = touchevent.getX();
    case MotionEvent.ACTION_UP: {
        float currentX = touchevent.getX();
        if (oldTouchValue > currentX) {
            ViewHelper.swapFlipperNext(vf);//helper method for flipping
            setMyProgress();//helper method to set my progress bar
        if (oldTouchValue < currentX) {
    return false;

It works perfectly except for one thing, I can flip it if my finger is on a non-view part of the screen. But if my figure swipe on some views(Since I have textviews and webviews in each page of the flipper too), the onTouchEvent doesn't get activated, so the ViewFlipper doesn't get switched, how do I fix that? Thanks a lot

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try setting the focusable attribute on your textviews and webviews to false. basically what i think is happening is these are consuming the touch event.

EDIT: if this doesn't work, try the following

public boolean dispatchTouchEvent(MotionEvent ev) {
    if (gestureDetector != null) {
    return super.dispatchTouchEvent(ev);

where gestureDetector is a member variable.

see from here: EditText not capturing ViewFlipper flings?

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I think it may because of that too, but the problem is, I have tried to set those view's focusable to false, but they became not editable, I still need to do operations on those, besides, it still can't switch, even if I set those – user685275 May 21 '11 at 2:08
in that case see my edit. – jkhouw1 May 21 '11 at 2:12
Problem solved, but my flipper flips even if I drag to view my webview and other stuff in it-_- – user685275 May 21 '11 at 5:05

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