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I have several classes StrategyAlpha, StrategyBeta, StrategyOmega that inherit from the Strategy class.

I would like to select the proper child Strategy depending on property of inputs using guice, the dependency injection framework.

Is wiring the dependencies at runtime a bad idea? How can use Guice to do this?


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You'd want to bind something like a StrategyProvider which, given inputs, returns the appropriate strategy.

You could always create a provider - something like:

@Inject StrategyProvider(@Named("alpha") Strategy alpha, @Named("beta") Strategy beta...) { this.alpha = alpha; this.beta = beta; }

Strategy get(Parameter a, parameter b) { if (a > 3 && b < 10) { return beta; } else { return alpha; } }

What the params are, and why would determine whether this makes sense, more than likely.

share|improve this answer gives a detailled example on how to use Guice Providers – djondal May 22 '11 at 15:03

Looks like what you need is a factory to instantiate appropriate object depending on a set of properties.

You can implement the factory using factory design pattern -

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In Guice, what you call factories are called Suppliers… or Providers… – Mike Samuel May 21 '11 at 2:50

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