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I'm creating a Windows application and I need to pass an encoded URL. But I'm not sure how to encode it in WinForms C#?

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If you need to URL-encode data for a querystring, you can use either Uri.EscapeDataString or, if you don't mind referencing System.Web, HttpUtility.UrlEncode:

var rawString = @"this & that";
var uriEncoded = Uri.EscapeDataString(rawString);
var httpUtilityEncoded = HttpUtility.UrlEncode(rawString);

They're very similar but can produce subtly different results in the way special characters, like spaces, are encoded:

// uriEncoded = "this%20%26%20that"

// httpUtilityEncoded = "this+%26+that"
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Try Uri.EscapeUriString()

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