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I'm using (downloaded the version as of 5/21/2011) along with ASP.NET MVC3.

And here are the versions of jquery I am using:


I was able to upload and save the file to designated folder, and then I return the Json object. Then the IE 7 browser pops a "File Download" dialog and asks me to download a file named "upload75bea5a4" with no extension. I also testing in FF 3.6, and it too pops up a "file download" dialog and asks me to download a file named "UploadFiles" (which is the controller action name). Any idea what's going on here? Do I need to set the content-type in the header explicitly?

Thanks much in advance.

This is basically the same question posed by Ray in this thread:

jQuery File Upload plugin asks me to download the file, what is wrong?

No working solution was posed however.

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It seems that you need to change the content type to text/plain as per this discussion. And here's what they suggest:

public ActionResult Upload(FormCollection form)
    var json = new JavaScriptSerializer().Serialize(result);
    return Content(json, "text/plain");
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download the new version, alterations have been made for this.

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